2021-2022 Winner

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Leveraging technology to upskill youth in rural India

Adult Learning
Award Level:
Growth Award

Project Description

YouthNet is a remote learning program that is aimed at driving a community mission led by Youth who work towards education, environment, health and livelihood. The program is a one-stop solution for learners ages 14-25, allowing them to register for the program, enroll in courses, take assessments, earn certificates, collect data and much more. The tool’s features are offered in 6 regional languages through an integrated, easy-to-use and customizable interface which makes the platform scalable according to contextual needs. Working across 20,000 communities in India and 16 states, YouthNet aims to upskill youth and prepare them for higher education, work and life.

Meet Our Team

Nishant Baghel

Director of Technology Innovations, Pratham Education Foundation

Annapoorni Chandrashekar

Senior Manager, Pratham Education Foundation

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