2021-2022 Winner

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Understanding Mind Wandering During Learning

Creating a large dataset for more generalizable and equitable research

United States of America
Learning Science Research
Award Level:
Catalyst Award

Project Description

This large-scale dataset will provide opportunities for researchers to develop more accurate and generalizable detectors of mind wandering. Research shows that when a student misses critical information due to mind wandering, it can inhibit their ability to make further connections as the learning session unfolds. Using an unobtrusive, equitable, and low-cost device, a dataset including interaction data, webcam-based eye-gaze features, and self-reports of mind wandering will be collected.

Meet Our Team

Caitlin Mills

Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota

Ryan Baker

Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Phase III results for the Building an Adaptive & Competitive Workforce track will be released in late May. Meet the finalists for all other tracks here.