2022-2023 Winner

Skills Empowerment Passport

Bridging the gap between skills learners have and those they need for emerging in-demand roles

United States of America
Adult Learning
Award Level:
Transform Award

Project Description

A technology platform for community reskilling/upskilling at scale using advanced AI and machine learning to analyze individuals, jobs/roles, and training at the skill level. These patented methodologies enable analysis of the skills individuals have, the skills they need for emerging in-demand roles, the unique gap between skills supplied and demanded, and personalized learning pathways to bridge these gaps. Through aligned interactive, industry-validated training for current and emerging roles, the project supports learning engineering through automated skills-based analysis and truly personalized learning. Beginning with the manufacturing sector and expanding thereafter, the real-time skills intelligence will drive equitable outcomes through just-in-time upskilling. SkyHive; SME

Meet Our Team

Mustafa Sayedi

Senior Manager, Public Sector & Social Impact @ SkyHive Technologies

Timothy Wilson

Director, Market and Product Development @ SME

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