2022-2023 Winner


United States of America, United Kingdom, Zambia
Award Level:
Transform Award

Project Description

READ-Y (Reading Early Assessment Data for Youth) is a free, multilingual early-literacy formative assessment tool with a game-like interface for learners K-3. READ-Y will measure and report early-literacy proficiency in any language for teachers and parents through an easy-to-understand dashboard, and promote research of early literacy by the global research community through aggregated datasets. READ-Y is based on the globally-recognized public domain EGRA literacy test used by 70 countries in 120 languages. READ-Y is being developed with AI through learning engineering methodology and built on StoryWorld’s existing multilingual, multimodal platform developed with over $1mm of R/R&D funding by the US Dept of Education.

Meet Our Team


Cynthia Harrison Barbera

President & CEO, StoryWorld International Corporation


Omprakash Gnawali

CTO, StoryWorld International Corporation


Adam Smith

Co-Founder and CEO, sQuid

Phase III results for the Building an Adaptive & Competitive Workforce track will be released in late May. Meet the finalists for all other tracks here.