2022-2023 Winner

REACH College and Career Pathways

United States of America
Accelerating Learning
Award Level:
Growth Award

Project Description

The IRL Game of Life


REACH is the college and career pathway that connects high-performing under-resourced students to companies and colleges. REACH connects top talent with top opportunities within a virtual world ecosystem. Less like homework and more like a video game, REACH rewards students for finding jobs and completing real-life and in-game tasks. Recruiters access prepared, top-performing, and diverse talent.


REACH is based on the research-based curriculum of Chicago Scholars, a nonprofit that has served nearly 6,000 students get to and through college and into career at 2-3X the national average.

Meet Our Team

Jeffery Beckham, Jr.

Co-CEO, Reach Pathways

Brooke McKean

Co-CEO, Reach Pathways

Kenneth Woodard

Head of Product Management, Reach Pathways

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