2022-2023 Winner

Rapid Online Assessment of Reading (ROAR)

United States of America
Learning Science Research
Award Level:
Transform Award

Project Description

Literacy rates in the United States indicate that millions of children are silently slipping through the cracks: Based on the most recent pre-pandemic National Assessment of Educational Progress only 35% of 4th graders and 34% of 8th graders read at a level considered proficient or above, with even more distressing statistics for Black, Hispanic, and low-income students (NAEP Reading 2019 Highlights, 2020). Best estimates approximate that about 10-15% of children have persistent struggles with reading due to dyslexia (Fletcher et al., 2006; Shaywitz et al., 1992), and an additional 50% of students are not receiving the reading support they need to achieve proficiency. Because students are not systematically screened for foundational reading skills across the grades, the vast majority of these children are never identified and don’t receive the targeted support they need to reach their potential. We envision a state-of-the-art, universally accessible, unintrusive screener that can probe decoding issues across the grades, identify students’ strengths and areas for growth, and empower schools to respond with targeted interventions that meet the needs of every learner.

Meet Our Team

Jason Yeatman

Associate Professor, Stanford University, Graduate School of Education and Department of Psychology; Stanford School of Medicine, Division Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Adam Richie-Halford

Director of Scientific Software Engineering

Carrie Townley-Flores

Director of Research and Partnerships

Phase III results for the Building an Adaptive & Competitive Workforce track will be released in late May. Meet the finalists for all other tracks here.