2020-2021 Winner

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A personalized review tool that improves recall through learning science best practices

United States of America
Accelerating Learning
Award Level:
Catalyst Award

Project Description

Podsie is a free learning tool for teachers that helps their students remember what they’ve learned. It makes it easy for teachers and students to review in an efficient and personalized way that’s backed by learning science principles, like spacing and retrieval. Since Podsie is more efficient than traditional studying techniques (e.g. cramming before tests, teachers creating monthly review assignments), students can retain more information in the long term while spending less time studying.

Meet Our Team

Joshua Ling

CEO, Podsie

Jesse Mao

CTO, Podsie

Phase III results for the Building an Adaptive & Competitive Workforce track will be released in late May. Meet the finalists for all other tracks here.