2022-2023 Winner


Turning any YouTube video into an interactive video lesson for users in low-resource settings

Accelerating Learning
Award Level:
Transform Award

Project Description

Plio allows teachers to turn any YouTube video into an interactive video lesson. Teachers use Plio to build homework that is focused on learning and reinforcement. Each lesson consists of a single video with questions overlaid at specific time-stamps. Lessons are delivered as easily accessible urls on WhatsApp. We generate click-level granular data as well as aggregated data that allows teachers and larger systems to rate the quality of each video segment as well as its correlation with student performance on overlaid questions. Our web app has been specifically designed for users in low-resource settings and supports multilingual content.

Meet Our Team

Akshay Saxena

Co-CEO, Avanti Fellows

Pritam Sukumar

VP, Technology

Parul Jauhari

Associate Director, Research and Evaluation

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