2021-2022 Winner

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M-Powering Teachers

A machine learning tool for mathematics instruction measurement and feedback

  • Harvard University
  • University of Maryland College Park
  • Stanford University
United States of America
Learning Science Research
Award Level:
Transform Award

Project Description

M-Powering Teachers (MPT) uses natural language processing to analyze recordings of mathematics teaching for information on student mathematical reasoning, teacher-student mathematical language, and equity-centered classroom practices. Teachers use the MPT tool to receive feedback on their teaching, and researchers can use it to replace or augment human scoring, allowing learning designs to scale more quickly and efficiently.

Meet Our Team

Heather Hill

Hazen-Nicoli Professor of Teacher Learning and Practice, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Jing Liu

Assistant Professor of Education Policy, University of Maryland, College Park

Dora Demszky

PhD candidate in Linguistics, Stanford University

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