2021-2022 Winner

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A learning analytic tool for real-time assessment and group-based personalized instruction in the science classroom

Award Level:
Catalyst Award

Project Description

GrouPer (Group-based Personalization) is an assessment and recommendation system that uses big data and machine learning to assist science teachers in providing personalized instruction. It identifies student knowledge profiles and recommends learning sequences that match their needs. GrouPer also collects teachers’ choices and improves its recommendations based on their collective wisdom. The tool was co-designed with teachers and was recently integrated into PeTeL, a free learning platform that serves teachers across Israel, developed within Weizmann’s Science Teaching Department.

Meet Our Team

Giora Alexandron

Assistant Professor in the Department of Science Teaching, Weizmann Institute of Science

Tanya Nazaretsky

Doctoral student, Department of Science Teaching, Weizmann Institute of Science

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