2021-2022 Winner


A platform for creating interactive online courses delivered inside popular messaging apps

Netherlands, Ethiopia
Adult Learning
Award Level:
Catalyst Award

Project Description

Botter is a platform for creating online courses delivered through popular messaging apps that many learners use daily. The platform uses chatbots to explain concepts and quiz students using components such as text, images, gifs, audio, or short videos. Botter is available to learners with even low bandwidth, which allows learners with limited access to receive engaging and interactive lessons on any device. Botter’s educational chatbots have already helped to support a total of 300,000 learners. In this next stage of the project, Botter will enhance the algorithms that drive the chatbots and make the growing dataset available to researchers.

Meet Our Team

Nathnael Gossaye Endehsaw

Co-founder and CEO, Botter

Melikte Paulos

Data Scientist

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