2022-2023 Winner


Accessible math games for learners with diverse cognitive, physical, & behavioral abilities

United States of America
Accelerating Learning
Award Level:
Catalyst Award

Project Description

AI-Learners makes learning math accessible and engaging for students with diverse cognitive, physical, and behavioral abilities through personalized computer games and analytics. AI-Learners has 70+ math games available across grade levels PreK-2nd grade, and hundreds of students, teachers, and parents all across the country are using AI-Learners.


To meet the needs of students with diverse abilities, AI-Learners is highly personalized: we offer different color and object modes as well as a robust in-game settings menu, where teachers can customize different aspects of the game, and we leverage artificial intelligence to recommend new games for students to play and we dynamically adjust level difficulty for students. We also provide comprehensive analytics for teachers to help them better understand their student’s math abilities.

Meet Our Team

Adele Smolansky


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