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Learn More About Learning Engineering's Areas of Opportunity

Given the exciting research being done in the realm of learning engineering, we organized a series of virtual rountables where experts in the field discussed the greatest areas of need and innovation happening across different issue areas. We hope the read out of these conversations will inspire submission for our Tools Competition.

Involving Families During Covid-19

Heejae Lim of TalkingPoints in conversation with Prasad Ram of Gooru; Annapoorni P.C. and Nishant Baghel of Pratham; and Cliodhna Ryan of Ubongo

Adaptive Course Recommending Systems

Zachary Pardos of University of California, Berkeley in conversation with Kelli Bird of the University of Virginia; Nimisha Asthagiri of edX; and Allie Rogers and Audrey Holmes of Coursera

Research As a Service

Dan Jarratt of Infinite Campus in conversation with Mingyu Feng of WestEd, Erica Snow of Imbellus; Monica Bhatt of the University of Chicago Urban Labs

Middle School Math and Positive Outliers

Mia Ahlmeda of the Education Development Center in conversation with Corrin Varady of Ideas Digital Education; Cassie Freeman of College Board; and Amanda Rosenburg of Google edu