Stephanie Lo

Stephanie is the VP of Emerging Programs for Dalio Philanthropies, focused on scaling philanthropic programs for the next generation. As part of this work, Stephanie also focuses primarily on Endless Network, an initiative focused on investing in, creating, and supporting technologies that scale impact in the education, health, and livelihood sectors.

Stephanie has worked at the intersection of education, technology, and innovation throughout her career. Previous to Dalio Philanthropies, she started the education initiative at TED where she oversaw program development and partnerships, as well as developed a content vertical of animated educational content as new forms of digital content emerged on YouTube and online in the past decade. Previously, she was the director of growth and development at Relay Graduate School of Education, the first accredited graduate school of education to emerge in New York in more than 80 years.

She is a graduate of Harvard University and University of California, Los Angeles.

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